Our Architecture is innovated to calibrate environments; fine tuned with nature's principles and culture, shaped to balance and stimulate positive growth through the holistic healing process. This approach and philosophy are at the source of all our work.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Architect

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While I'm floating around in my Airstream, heading south for the winter, I'll be stopping by a few places to play a little music and give talks on my writing. If you are in the following quaint mountain towns during these dates, check out the local schedules to attend the following events.

Sun Valley, Idaho/ Sept 28 ~ Oct 13

Aug 15/ public talk 'Singular Butterfly'
Sept 28/ live music 'The Rodeshow'

Oct 12/ reading 'Flash Light'

Park City, Utah/ Oct 14 ~ Oct 23/ Jan 23 ~ Feb 11

Jan 24/ reading, signing, launch of 'Flash Light'
Jan 23/ live music set 'The Rodeshow'

Oct 18/ radio play/ interview 'The Rodeshow'
Oct 19/ public talk 'Singular Butterfly'

Oct 21 / book reading + signing

Moab, Utah/ Oct 29 ~ Nov 4

Nov 3 / short story readings 'Flash Light'
Nov 4 / live music gig 'The Rodeshow'

Aspen, Colorado/ Oct 28 ~ Nov 4/ Dec 24 ~ Jan 5

Oct 28/ public talk/slides'Singular Butterfly'
Dec 26 / live music set 'The Rodeshow'

Dec 29/ radio play 'The Rodeshow'
Jan 2/ live music 'The Rodeshow'

Jan 4/ book reading + signing


Crested Butte, Colorado/ Jan 7~ Jan 14

Jan 9 / public talk 'Singular Butterfly'
Jan 11/ reading, music
'Flash Light'


Telluride, Colorado/ Jan 15 ~ Jan 22/ Feb 28 ~ March 8

Jan 13/music'Rode Show'
Jan 14/music set'Rode Show'
Jan 14 / radio play 'Rode Show'
Jan 16 /music/gallery 'Rode Show'
Jan 18/reading/sign 'Singular Butterfly'

Feb 28 / live music set / gallery 'Rode Show'
March 1/live music set/ gallery gig
'Rode Show'
March 8 / public book reading / signing 'Flash Light'


Pagosa Springs, Colorado/ Feb 21 ~ Feb 25

Feb 21/music set 'Rode Show'
Feb 22/signing 'Singular Butterfly'

Feb 23 radio play/ interview'Rode Show'
Feb 23 / live music set / reading 'Rode Show'


Taos, New Mexico/ March 15 ~ March 22

Dec 21/ public reading/sign 'Singular Butterfly'
March 14/ public talk 'Singular Butterfly'
March 15/ live music set 'Rode Show'
March 18/ reading 'Flash Light'






Multiplicity /melte plisedē/ having the quality, or state of

1. being multiple or various

2. the number of components in a system





Multiplicity ~ Family Variables

In physics, the term multiplicity refers to numbers of energy levels at the atomic scale. This term also refers to variations, which is the core concept of this project. We've shaped our original design to shape change based on the relationship between the health of the habitants and their surroundings.

The louver system on surrounding the exterior facade calibrates the heat, light, privacy, acoustics, and many other environmental aspects of the atmosphere of Multiplicity. Knowing that there is no formula universal formula for environmental quality, and that we each experience and respond to our surroundings differently, this louver system relates to and is controlled by all the habitants in different ways.

This results in universal calibration of the building, balancing the building environment for the entire community of habitants at once. One unit may close their louvers while others open them, depending on the time of day and how the people feel over time relative to eachother and their surroundings. People can tune their own environment, with their own Instrument.



Textured Louvers/ Sound Absorption



Textured Surface/ Sound Absorption



Continuous Reflection/ Light and Sound



White Louvers/ Heat Reflecting



Bare Building





Aperture /aper CHer/ an opening in space

1. through which light travels

2. the variable opening of a camera



(Butterfly House)


Aperture House ~ Holographic Horizon

Aperture House is a simple concept based on holographic theory, the quantum string theory that understands that the entire universe can be seen as a two-dimensional information structure 'painted' on the cosmological horizon.

Aperture House overlooks the horizon, the shade system across the front of the house is variable, resulting in different relationships between the two dimensional and three dimensional experience of the horizon.

This system provides opportunities for the habitants to respond to light, heat, privacy, wind, sound and all the other elements of the surrounding environment, relative to the horizon.



Open View


aperture house

Viewing Garden


Operable Sun Shade



Shading Aperture



Center Aperture






Alla /al·la/ used in musical composition, meaning

1: to the

2: in the style of





Alla House ~ Of Light and Sound

4264 ALLA is our current development project in Marina Del Rey and is part of a series of renewable development efforts we refer to as the RADIX PROJECT. Acquired in February, HHEAL architecture has developed a strategic plan for a 500sf addition and has completed an extensive renovation including artisan landscape.

Conceptually, this project aligns with our methodolgy for shaping Instrumental Architecture. We are reinventing the structure and atmosphere based on principals of balancing habitation, nature, and surrounding cultural growth. We are reshaping the house as a calibrating instrument for the environment.

Moving forward with this project was inspired by a once upon a time friend, a historically significant sound artist and pioneer of 'overtone' singing. The principles of this music genre parallel our philosophy, invention, and scientific methodology.


Front View


Back Yard/ South View


Back Yard/ West View


Studio/ Interior


Studio/ Exterior





Alla House\ä-le-hau̇s\: To the, in the style of HHEAL